Monday, February 2, 2009

My new Whip.

This was my (Grandaddy) s old truck.
Its a 1965 Ford F100 side step...
I sure am glad he left it to me, I remember riding in it when i was only 6 or 7.  We would go fishing and hunting in it.  O The memories !!!
Now Its On !!!

Glasses !!!

i like my glasses, i dont like my glasses.
here touch mine, ok,
now touch yours.
skip more classes.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FL !!!

Taylor and Travis are two of the funniest fuckers i have ever met.
im glad we went to FL and had adventures that never ended.

NC 2 SC 2 FL

On the way to FL i see the light while going over GOD bridge.
We get to Kona @ 11 after sleeping in the car . Kona is a blast.
after Kona we drove to Tampa that night.
we partied with some old and new friends. thanks Paul for putting us up.
Muxh respect.
Next morning stop at SPOT. met up with Justin and went skating some street. came back and skated the bowl in the park...
we left tampa and went back up the coast to orlando and skated the Vans park. 
we took off and went to ST Augustine.

More Florida !!!

Got into ST Augustine.
stayed in a shisty ass hotel.
the shitter flooded. 3 in' of water 
was on the floor.
travis works magic.
we all crashed. 
never laughed so hard.

time to drive home.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Skate Side Project sometimes will ya...

This Ramp is so FUN. If you have not had the chance to skate it, you my friend are missing out.
so get down to roll on some TRANNY. Slash some metal to metal. smash some wood in tranny. or slide some wood on tranny. u chosse.
just get ready to have fun when your here.

lifes easy...when ur not stuck in the grey all the time.

its easier to live your life when u can make up decisions in a split second.
and not live in grey matter.
i live in a black or white world.
it is what it is. take it or leave it.
ill be seeing you in Hell.

half happy half sad

i will eat your face off.

icassette player Mac can bite me iphone can hate

dood it so worked...
just stop hating.
Apple Pay up...i got ur new commercial right here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Budo Cafe !!! / my new job

The is my friend Alex O. new coffee shop.
ill be working here.
stop in a check it out. I'll be glad to make you a cup of joe.

see you soon peeps.

137 West trade street
Dallas N.C.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The New Houston Park

My god...Rune Glifberg...
and Lincon Ueda.

so sick in person.

Some Randoms i shot.

1. i was loving this spot...its a bridge right downtown houston and the new skatepark... which was amazing.
i love the reflection in the water.

2. One Arch Mickey D's
What ??? straight 50's Yo.

3. i was walking back from the skatepark and boom.. i got the blue balls.

Make A Wish !!!

Starting from the bottom up.... 
1). this was that middle of the ledge and manny pad contest...
2). a girl that brock got in the tank.
3). the lay out this year was just amazing to say the least.
4). brock was showing his love for lil/ BIG johnny Romano ... big ups Justin.
5). and the contest was over. rewards where handed out
 Thanks to everyone who showed up for the right reasons.
and to every one donated to make a wish.
thanks to South Side Skatepark and South Shore Dis... Especially.  If it was not for those two this would never happen. 
Johnny RoLL (Forever) mano .... !!!

Oakland Airport

time to leave the city...its been a month and im in oakland airport @ 6 ready to fly out to Texas.
every things bigger and better in Texas.  just ask your boys over @ South Shore Dis... here i come.

Last Night In SF

well i got a ride into the city for my last few days. it rained the last few days i was here, so we did nothing.  besides go get mad burritos and mexican cervesa. this was my last meal in SF. its was so good... Plus Zack found the perfect chip ever. and i let him eat it...right after i told him to put some Salt and Pepper on it. LOL... got um...

Darth Vader

This is just to funny...  The SUN will get you my Pretty !!!

Justin for President

This is my Boy in Oakland...he held me and paul down like no other...Thanks Justin...
Coffee with a Beat was the best place in Oakland. ill see you soon bro. Laterz for now.
p.s. this dood is Just RAW !!!

Good Nights in The City

Joe, Zack and i went to the bar in the mission. i want say were, keep that on the DLerium. 
I got my beanie stoled that night. Thanks u fixed hipsters, go kiss your girlfriend, im sure she looks more like a boy than you. go fuck yourself !!! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zack and i make cookies

Zack likes to play with the dough.

Gino kids

this is for my friend chase, i know he would like this alot.